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Growth of the Memecoin Market Depends on its Utility

The growth of the Memecoin Market Depends on its Utility. Despite the recent frenzy surrounding Bitcoin BTC $67,790—which saw the digital asset reach an all-time high of $73,600 in March—the memecoin industry has proven to be the most lucrative story in the world of cryptocurrencies thus far in 2024, with average returns among the top tokens by market capitalization of over 1,300%.

Several recently released memecoins, like Book of Meme (BOME), Brett (BRETT), and Cat in a Dogs World (MEW), have risen to the top of the meme projects list in a short of weeks, seemingly taking the market by storm. Many traders have succeeded in turning modest deposits into substantial sums of money during this craze.

For instance, by investing in the Donotfomoew (MOEW) token soon after its initial decentralized exchange (DEX) listing on April 3, one investor turned $13,000 into nearly $2 million in less than an hour. Minutes after its launch, the dealer reportedly bought 499.9 million MOEW for four Ether ETH for $3,803. The trader sold 111.65 million MOEW tokens for 99 ETH, or about $328,000 at the time, less than an hour later.

Another comparable incident had a trader who invested $8,300 to accumulate billions of Apu Apustaja (APU) tokens, which they ultimately sold for almost $6.5 million after the price spiked to $0.0007907. March saw the second-highest amount of Google searches ever recorded for the keyword “meme coin,” and the sector’s overall market capitalization surpassed the $50 billion mark at that same time.

Does the Rise of Memecoins Reflect Investor Sentiment?Does the Rise of Memecoins Reflect Investor Sentiment?

The popularity of memecoins, according to some market watchers, is a sign of increased interest in decentralized technologies and the cryptocurrency space. The anonymous lead developer of Shiba Inu SHIB $0.000027, the second-largest memecoin in the world, Shytoshi Kusama, told Cointelegraph that the increasing valuations show investors are ready for a significant shift in which decentralized technologies become the focal point of the digital mainstream. He says memes’ “impact on the real world” will give them their ultimate strength.

Speaking more about use cases, Kusama said that products like, Shiba Inu’s fully homomorphic encryption technology, and its planned payment technologies would demonstrate that meme projects can be as helpful and long-lasting as completely decentralized ones. He added,

“While crypto, in general, remains highly volatile and speculative, with many projects going to zero, Shib has continued to create identity, security, and technology systems to mitigate existing risks. In this way, as the bull market continues, we will onboard the next billion users safely.”

Is the Ongoing Craze Sustainable?

While some meme coins might be helpful, many appear to lose their highly high valuations almost as soon as they do, raising doubts about the ecosystem’s long-term viability.

Roy thinks that the appeal of memecoins will endure as long as there is a current junction between social media, the internet, and cryptocurrency financing because most lack solid fundamentals or use cases. He continued, saying:

“The meme industry’s growth is a sign of how narrative-driven the market is. Healthy growth happens when most users evolve to more researched, fundamentally strong projects. But at a market level, it’s still early on in this bull run cycle, so it might not be fair to call this growth unsustainable, though, in a matter of months, that might be the case.”

Roy thinks that as the sector matures, with projects focusing more on utility, it could merge with other domains such as GameFi.

“Memecoins can add utility to a lot of continuous prediction markets, for example, Trump token for a market on election for rewards, for trading brings a lot of utility around memecoins,” he said.

Michael Telera, ambassador for Solana-based memecoin Laika, said that any doubts about the continued sustainability of the memecoin sector can be addressed simply by looking at the amount of capital investors have poured in over the last couple of years.

In his estimation, valuations will keep rising as more and more people begin to understand the unique technological and social proposition — such as their ease of use, use in financial systems, and the potential to educate users about blockchain tech — put forth by these tokens, adding: “We believe memecoins, especially the current boom, can help bring new blood into the industry through simple, understandable and accessible means.

Memecoins Could Face Legal Challenges

Telera states, “We may see new complexities, regulations, and restrictions” if memecoin use increases. In addition, he said that it will be “more difficult to create new projects” due to increasing regulatory supervision. The following winter might see some brief standstill as a result. But summer will return after that.

The meme coin craze has also sparked questions about the integrity and maturity of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The unchecked growth of cryptocurrencies has the potential to “distort the image of cryptocurrencies, potentially undermining their credibility and the broader adoption of blockchain technology,” according to a representative for the cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin.

Furthermore, some in the cryptocurrency community have called for developer intervention in response to the recent proliferation of tokens that contain racist and homophobic epithets while simultaneously highlighting the need for stricter regulations and oversight to guarantee that the sector upholds its integrity and encourages responsible innovation.

Consequently, as the memecoin phenomenon develops further, it will be critical that industry participants and regulators carefully navigate these challenges, striking a balance between the necessity of innovation and the imperatives of safeguarding investors and maintaining the reputation of the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

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