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How to Make Money with Free Crypto: The Best Methods?

How to Make Money with Free Crypto: The Best Methods? Getting your hands on a product you’ve saved up for is one of life’s greatest joys. When we complete a challenging task, we experience a sense of pride and fulfillment. On the other hand, I must admit that receiving something free is an exciting experience in and of itself. It’s hard to describe how delicious a complimentary lunch from a friend can be. I have no problem accepting freebies, but I prefer to work for what I want.

The same holds for cryptocurrency. Building a stellar portfolio is a passion of mine, and I get a tremendous rush from seeing it develop. Nevertheless, due to my youth, the portfolio may not expand at the rate I prefer, and securing supplementary funds can be pretty challenging. As a result, expanding the portfolio is as easy as employing the current strategies for obtaining free cryptocurrency. Earning millions via free methods is quite improbable, but any Satoshi is better than none, and you’ll see that some of them can give you a good amount.


First things first, Coinz4u really must bring up Brave. Though it won’t make you a ton of money, the online browser Brave is worth mentioning. You may download it to your PC. Brendan Eich, best known as the creator of the widely used programming language JavaScript and Mozilla Firefox web browser, also started Brave. Credibility shouldn’t be a problem because it has more than 36 million users.

Your level of engagement determines how much money you can earn on Brave. You can customize the amount of adverts Brave shows you per hour. Then, it’s only fair that you get paid for it since you’ll be offering your attention by clicking the ad. This will be done using Brave’s native Basic Attention coin (BAT). Your earnings from each ad will be pitiful, amounting to pennies at most. But since you can earn money just by using the browser, Brave is a true example of a free cryptocurrency. Moreover, the objective of Brave is not to hoard that cash but to donate it to websites and content makers you appreciate. So, if you run a website or provide material, you may set up a verification system and accept tips.

Then, Brave provides a few more great features on top of the new advertising model that is good for everyone involved. The first thing it does is prevent trackers and ads from following you. Brave protects you against websites that track your activity even after you leave their site. Next, Brave is far quicker than standard web browsers, partly attributable to their tracker-blocking features. Last but not least, Brave is easier on your computer’s battery and storage space.

Bitcoin Faucets

Here, you can find websites that offer rewards for doing specific tasks. Everything from playing a game for testing purposes to answering simple survey questions falls under this category. There are a lot of Bitcoin faucets, but you should exercise caution because some are scammers. One reliable option is Cointiply, which offers various activities and has paid over $3 million in incentives. With Cointiply, you may earn points by completing tasks, which can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

Logging in to your Cointiply account daily will increase your earnings by boosting your loyalty and earning extra points for every activity you complete. Finally, Coinz4u wants to warn you not to give out too much personal information in surveys since Cointiply’s level of business verification is unclear to me.

Airdrops & Bounties

When Bitcoin project members accomplish milestones, the sponsor may “airdrop” the cryptocurrency into their wallets. The conditions can range from holding a coin in a wallet to promoting a project for a prize. Marketing and widespread acceptance fuel this approach. An airdrop usually requires using the project, which increases trading and benefits the project. Another reason for an airdrop is increasing currency or token supply.

Airdrops will amaze you with how much money you can make. All Uniswap customers received 400 UNI tokens last year as an incentive to use their service. As of 4/10/2021, 400 UNI is worth $10,000, or $25. That’s not the only large airdrop—hard to believe. Axie Infinity announced last week that pre-October 26, 2020, buyers will receive an airdrop. Activity level dictated pay. The Twitter user @sorareuk claimed to have gotten 68 $AXS, or $5,000. Though large, it pales in contrast to @axie44’s Twitter earnings. He received 4,905 $AXS worth almost 700,000 USD.

Even if they don’t have a native coin, many projects can airdrop their token to early users, so keep an eye out. Two great websites can inform you of future airdrops. On, you may learn about airdrops, what you need, and how to participate. See CoinMarketCap’s anticipated airdrops to ensure didn’t miss any important ones. I recommend seeing those two sites if you’re interested.

Finally, Coinz4u discusses bounties. Bounties are closer to airdrops but rely more on social and marketing. These include making a YouTube project video and joining and promoting their Telegram group. Bounties are rare, so watch out. lists upcoming bounties. However, airdrops should be your top priority for significant cash advantage. Your airdrops may be for nothing now, but they could be worth a lot later. This was true even with UNI tokens.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is a way to get incentives to expand your knowledge of cryptocurrencies. This is possible because cryptocurrency projects provide Coinbase with a set quantity of cryptocurrency and a few videos describing their token and blockchain. The rationale for this is to promote their products. Given the immense popularity of the Coinbase Earn feature, it’s an excellent approach to getting attention and viewers for a project.

You can expect to make a few dollars at most, depending on the job. Such small amounts, however, can readily grow into much more significant quantities if that coin becomes popular, as is the case with earning any cryptocurrency. In addition, the time commitment required to complete one of these earn programs is minimal—just a few minutes—so the compensation of a few bucks is entirely reasonable. Knowledge is more valuable than money, and you will also learn about new ventures in addition to the monetary amount. You can earn money from your expertise on your own.

One last thing Coinz4u wants to say about Coinbase Earn… That is, Coinbase’s funds are quickly depleting. Coinbase Earn has been a frustrating experience for me. Each program has already dispersed its funds, leaving me with nothing. So, to safeguard your money, stay vigilant for any new ventures.


As said before, the chance to make money from your expertise is excellent. It should be enjoyable and maybe even rewarding to share what you know and are passionate about with other people. You may earn cryptocurrency on Publish0x without ever having to touch your cryptocurrency, thanks to their blogging platform. Ampleforth and Ifarm are the two cryptos used by Publish0x.

Monetizing your expertise is the initial strategy to generate income. People can read your articles and blog entries and decide whether to tip you after reading them. Unfortunately, you’ll have to apply to become a writer since the platform is now in beta status. From what I gather, you shouldn’t have any problems as long as your content is genuine and at least passable.

Reading also provides a second opportunity to earn. There is a way to make cryptocurrency just by reading. The idea is that Publish0x will provide you with the tip amount as you read a post. You’re good to go once you’ve decided how much to retain and give to the author. Article sharing is the third method to earn money online. When readers share your content, you’ll get 5% of their tip. There will be leaderboards and contests in the future for those who share articles, and you can win more incentives if you compete. Consequently, there may be future advantages to being an early adopter.

Blockchain Games

The gaming industry’s massive growth is something that many are unaware of. No matter how many times I try, my dad still doesn’t understand that the gaming industry is more significant than the music and movie industries. If you try to explain to an older adult—and I dare say even some younger ones—that some individuals earn a living playing video games, they will laugh you right out of the room.

Using NFTs and other blockchain industry developments makes for a fun and rewarding gaming experience in many games. The games’ success is primarily due to a robust crypto environment. Then, the cryptocurrency’s price reflects the ecosystems’ growth and adoption rate. The increased profitability of playing is a direct result of this, which drives the expansion.

I’ll show you the potential revenue to entice you to read. The popular video game Axie Infinity may make players $500 to $1,000 monthly, sometimes more. Some Filipinos play axes all day instead of working. That’s my longtime ambition. Playing a game you enjoy is more important than earning as much as Axie Infinity. Many things cause this. First, enjoying something makes you more willing to practice it. Even if the activity may not be widespread, others may appreciate it. If this takes off, your profits could jump (because you’re already great), and you could get an airdrop like Axie Infinity. A win-win situation. My third point is that money isn’t everything. Gaming should be enjoyed as a hobby, not a source of income, for most individuals.

Crypto Cards

Using a credit card does not come without cost, as it involves using money. But everyone has to use the money to buy food, shelter, and clothing. In other words, it’s free if you spend money on things you usually would and get a percentage back each time. The core idea behind a crypto credit card is the same as a traditional credit card, except instead of points, you’ll get coins.

For instance, and Visa have partnered to offer a popular credit card. There are several levels, and the prizes improve as you continue. Using their primary card won’t cost you a dime, and you’ll get 1% cash back in’s cryptocurrency, CRO. Invest $400 in CRO and keep it for 180 days to unlock the next tier. With this card, you can get 2% cashback and a 100% Spotify refund. Indeed, once the 180 days have passed, you are free to do as you choose with the CRO you staked. Both the quantity you need to buy and the quality of the advantages improve as you progress through the tiers.

The ability to preload Crypto.Com cards with any currency makes them so fantastic. You can load your card with fiat currency like Euros to avoid cryptocurrency and spend them instead. As you continue to use the card for everyday purchases, you’ll gradually increase your CRO balance. Then, you can convert it to Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency of your choice or even back to fiat currency. You might also retain them in CRO if you think that’s where their potential lies. Finally, I’d like to mention that’s card isn’t the only one available. Cryptocurrency cards are available from other exchanges like Binance.

Staking & Earn

Even though this isn’t entirely free, it does use your current assets to their fullest potential. In case you forgot, staking is effectively giving up some of your cryptocurrency to help out the blockchain and validate transactions. In return, you can get a cut of the transaction fees or even the staker reserve funds. There are other ways to earn with your assets than staking, which can feel confusing and unavailable for all cryptos. This is because staking is just one consensus mechanism among many.

You could also attempt earning features on other exchanges. But, you can earn interest by lending your cryptocurrency holdings to other exchange users or individuals directly. There are a lot of places you can do this; one excellent example is Kucoin’s lending platform, where you can earn 3% interest on Bitcoin and 20% interest on stablecoins.

Nonetheless, you are free to use whichever platform you like; this service is also available on other exchanges. If you value privacy more, you may want to look at decentralized solutions like Aave. Ensure the platform and the contract you enter under are valid before using any of these services. Never commit to a period when you aren’t comfortable locking up your funds.


Because of the expenditures on electricity and equipment, mining isn’t a free activity. However, mining can technically be done for free if you already own a robust graphics processing unit (GPU)–which is the case for many PCs. All other methods are equally accessible, as they all need the same things—gadgets, electricity, and the internet—to function. As a result, if you own a computer, you might want to consider leaving it on to mine when you’re not using it. Take Nicehash as an example; depending on your graphics processing unit (GPU), you can earn $2–$15 daily. Setting up is simple, and Bitcoin payments will be made regularly.

Nothing’s Truly Free

Some things listed below may seem accessible initially, but that’s not always the case. Time, which is undeniably our most precious resource, is required for at least some of these. Since you’re learning by doing, I think it’s worthwhile to test out several providers in the hopes of participating in an airdrop. But perhaps you could be more productive if you didn’t spend so much time filling out surveys. In the long term, it loses its value when it starts interfering with essential things like schooling.


Other methods, such as receiving cryptocurrency instead of fiat money in your paycheck, can also be considered free cryptocurrencies. The bottom line is that you should look at multiple sources if you want to go down the rabbit hole.

When I think of crypto, some things that come to me are mining with existing gear, generating yield on your crypto, and getting free crypto cashback with credit cards. Earning free cryptocurrency is like putting your money on the line. You could decide to invest all of your cashback earnings in a small-cap altcoin with the expectation of a 100x return. The free cryptocurrency you earn today may not seem like much, but if you hold on to it for a decade, it can be worth much more than you think.

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