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Bitcoin Rise After CPI, Lisa Cook Expects Soft Fed Rate Cuts?

Bitcoin Rise After CPI: As US inflation and the labour market moderate, Federal Reserve Governor Lisa Cook predicts a smooth landing and suggests that rate cuts are imminent. According to Fed Governor Cook, the unemployment rate shouldn’t increase much more, and inflation should keep falling. If the Federal Reserve decides to begin cutting interest rates. The stock markets and the price of Bitcoin are likely to experience a sharp upswing.

Fed Governor Lisa Cook Positive on Soft Landing

US Federal Reserve Governor Lisa Cook discussed the difficulties of sharing monetary policy. The rise and fall of inflation in recent years and the monetary policy response to the pandemic were discussed. At the Australian Conference of Economists 2024. Cook said the data supports Federal Reserve rate cuts, in line with other central banks on the pivot. Jerome Powell also testified that the FOMC focuses more on the labour market due to the recent softening of CPI, PCE, and PPI inflation.

Fed Governor Lisa Cook Positive on Soft Landing

In September, Wall Street banks and traders prepare for a 25 basis point rate drop. According to CME FedWatch, the probability of a 25 basis point rate drop on September 18 has increased to 70% from 46% a month earlier. The statistics show two rate reductions this year. According to coinz4u, the market anticipates that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics will disclose a decrease in the annual CPI inflation rate to 3.1%.

Bitcoin to Start Rallying After CPI

Bitcoin to Start Rallying After CPI

Several indicators indicate that Bitcoin exchange-traded funds have hit bottom, and buyers have increased prices. If the CPI report is positively received, traders anticipate that the price of Bitcoin will rise above $60,000. Global institutional investors have begun purchasing Bitcoin Rise After CPI, according to CoinShares. Financial guru Robert Kiyosaki has urged the general public to do so—the s is true name, along with an increase in their holdings of gold and Bitcoin. For the past four days, spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US have recorded a net inflow of almost $800 million. This trend shows no signs of abating.

coinz4u, they further mentioned that Fiduciary Alliance and other conventional investing firms are flooding Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with capital. The impact of the German government’s selloff on the price of Bitcoin is fading, but the cryptocurrency bull market is still going strong. Investors could profit from the price drop after. The German government (Saxony) sold off large quantities of Bitcoin, causing the price to fall significantly.

Given the past behaviour of BTC prices regarding CPI, 10x Research forecasts that the price of BTC has hit bottom and anticipates a price increase following today’s CPI report. We expected that Bitcoin might reach $60,000 during a rate-cut rally.” “Your rally expectations were fulfilled yesterday” (according to 10x Research CEO Markus Thielen). Bitcoin surged to $59,350 on short covering ahead of the CPI.

The Bitcoin Rise After CPI price has risen to a new 24-hour high of $59,350 and is now trading near $58,000. Despite a 1% decline, the price is above the 57,120 level it hit at the zero hour. Because investors are waiting for important inflation data, trading volume has also dropped by 13%. The entire value of Bitcoin futures stayed around $28.90 billion, and buying activity. The derivatives markets have also been sluggish during the last day.

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